Institut Fayol – Mines St Etienne

Smart and Sustainable Collaborative Networks 4.0


22nd IFIP/SOCOLNET Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises

Combined with the current boom of applied Artificial Intelligence and learning, Collaborative Networks show high potentials to boost Industry 4.0. But digitalization also concerns many other activity sectors where agility, resilience, and sustainability are key challenges, e.g. the Health 4.0, Agriculture 4.0, Cities 4.0, Transportation 4.0, Logistics 4.0, Education 4.0, and even Tourism 4.0. With an eye on this diversity of application fields, PRO-VE 2021 will provide a forum for sharing experiences, discussing trends, and identifying new opportunities, thus introducing innovative solutions for the new generation of Smart and Sustainable Collaborative Networks 4.0.

PRO-VE’2021 put the emphasis on collaboration between industrials and academics, with a full day of Industrial Whorkshop integrated within the main program of the Conference.

– Abstract  Submission (100 words)       March 15, 2021
– Special Session Submission        February 29, 2021
– Full paper submission        April 16, 2021
– Acceptance notification        May 31, 2021

  • Artificial Intelligence and digital transformation for collaborative models, platforms and systems
    •    Distributed cognition in collaborative systems
    •    Business ecosystems and collaboration in Industry 4.0
    •    Collaborative and sustainable business models for production systems
    •    Cloud-based manufacturing
    •    Manufacturing as a collaborative Service (MaaS)
    •    Cyber-physical systems and their applications in collaborative network 4.0
    •    Smart & collaborative product-service systems
    •    Collaborative e-services for sustainable networks
    •    Value co-creation processes
    •    Hybridization of collaboration – organizations, people, machines, systems
    •    Skills, competencies and human factors in the digital transition
    •    Agility, resilience and sustainability of networked organization
    •    Risks, performance, and disruptions in collaborative networked systems
    •    Agile business models and value networks
    •    Value creation and social impact of collaborative networks
    •    Monetization of collaboration
    •    Collaboration for circular economy and sustainable industrial systems
    •    Collaborative healthcare networks; Resilience and collaboration for health systems
    •    Digitalized and collaborative logistics and transportation networks
    •    Smart and resilient supply, production, or distribution networks
    •    Collective intelligence and collaboration in advanced/emerging applications
    •    Big data analytics for distributed and collaborative intelligence
    •    Semantic data/service discovery, retrieval, and composition, in a collaborative networked world
    •    Ontologies for collaborative networks
    •    Ethics, trust, culture of collaboration and sustainability in CNs

General Chair :   Prof Xavier Boucher (FR)
Program Committee Chairs :
Prof Luis Camarinha Matos (PT), Prof Hamideh Afsarmanesh (NL)
Workshops organization Chairs:  
Prof Xavier Delorme (FR), Prof Vincent Chapurlat (FR)
Special sessions promotion Chairs:  
Prof David Romero (MX), Prof Antonio Lucas Soares (PT)
Industry Collaboration Chairs :
Mr François Vuillaume, Bosch Group, Elm Leblanc (FR) ; Mr. Carlo Leardi, Tetra Pak (IT) ;   Dr. Robert Woitsch, Boc Group (AU)


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